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By Chuck Knull Trademark Scam Alert Scam artists are once again on the prowl to clip trademark owners who like to pay bills for useless services or who overreact to letters and emails telling them that their trademarks are in jeopardy.  We have already received a bunch of inquiries from out clients about letters and emails they have received that either offer some extra service regarding their trademarks or imply that we, as their trademark attorneys, have missed deadlines that will cause the loss of the trademarks. When we file trademarks for our clients, the filing information is publicly available at the U.S Patent and Trademark Office.  This means that our name and address is listed as Attorney of Record and the name and address of the trademark owner is also available. Legitimate concerns know to contact the attorney of record about the given trademark. People with illegitimate [...]

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What is a Design Patent?

By <a href=" Knull The main category of patents is Utility Patents which protect a new and useful invention. Light bulbs, car engines, and smart phone electronics are things with specific functions that work better than whatever they are replacing. These are protected by Utility Patents There is another domain of patent law…design. Design Patents are a relative backwater of patent law. But they are also a unique opportunity to get “Patented” status for a lot less money than a Utility Patent. What is a Design Patent? It is a patent that is granted on a unique ornamental design for a product or package. In many ways, it is hybrid form of Intellectual Property with aspects of patent, copyright, and even a touch of trademark (due to its interaction with trade dress). They are applied for and examined like patents. And, the result is a real patent with an issue [...]

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