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Alexander’s Bio

I’m a native Marylander and a New York transplant, having moved to the city to attend Fordham Law School. Previously, I attended the University of Maryland, where I graduated with honors with a degree in Economics and a minor in Philosophy. I’m an avid hiker and backpacker, who both loves New York City and loves to escape it.

Like Chuck, I come from a family of radar engineers and defense contractors. My mother, as a minority woman working in the tech industry, faced a substantial amount of discrimination throughout her career, and that injustice led me towards attending law school. At Fordham, I became an editor of the Intellectual Property Journal; in covering topics from the Washington Redskins trademark case to disputes over music sampling to so-called ‘patent trolling,’ I developed a real appreciation for the subtleties of intellectual property law. I remain passionate about seeking justice for the little guy.

Alexander’s Contact and Other Information

The Film Center Building
630 Ninth Ave. Suite 405
New York, NY 10036
646-233-1376 x105

Meetings by Appointment Only

Admitted to the bar in New York State.

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